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Beer Time Stories – Chapter 2

In the great land of Taranaki, it would be revelled and revealed.  The opening of Ms. White would certainly yield, to the power of the mighty hop. 

But, stop!  Not all brews would be overpowered over-the-top by hop! Turning their habit into some kind of funny bunny rabbit, who zig-zags their way through the rest of their forest day.

Some would be neat, with the flavour of sweet wheat.  While others would be lagers, to be enjoyed by joggers and bloggers, fearful of the mighty hop and its overpowering skunk.  Hop or not, when Ms. White felt alight, she could even pull a pilsner out of her magic trunk. Why, there was even a citrus sour from the estates of Funk!

Ale’s more pale than a veil, without fail.  IIPAs that could take you out with a mighty clout!  Although your list is shorter, you forgot to try this porter.

Seeking something different and strange?  Perhaps you’ll find your range amongst the other ales, not to be forgotten because its for you that they’ve specifically been brought in!

Pizzas cooked on a stone of clay, for here or take-away.  Our chef’s Tom and Joe know how to make dough.  420 degrees is the temperature that’s best, when their dough comes to rest.  Baking away on the hot stone, you’ll be shown our pizza throne, where Ms. White honorably sits. 

The seeds have been sewn, just pick up the phone, when the skies might be grey and you want takeaway. There is no door to keep you from pizza #13  Pork & fennel, just look for the smoke plume emanating from the heart of the White Hart Hotel Courtyard.  Just take our card and make the number starred!

from ‘Bart’ender