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Beer Time Stories – Chapter 1

Once upon a time, on a distant island far away from all others, new life was brought forth, one of druthers. 

She was a mother to one another, sister & brother. Twas a magical game of Cluedo, played by the powers that be, you see.. Its what brought forth this new life, filled with glee.  And so on this night, an idea would incite, and her name burned into all our consciousnesses as it might, would be Ms. White. Sought out by the meek, she would ease the troubles of yet another work week. 

Casting a spell of liquid fun, only some would turn into Attila the HopHun. Her best spells make you as calm as a lake.  Beers like cake.  Making her followers feel light, bestowing upon them traditional Italian pizza might in every scrumptious bite. 

They were to be served alongside her special brew’s, unnerved. Delights that could make one take flights into the night.  Her dream upon inception was quite alright:”Beer has become boring you see, and so I will create a place where beer is a beverage, liberated & free. Beer will once again be great, living up to its utmost potential to ferment-ate, Pizza alongside will be ate! and, shared among-st every mate. And, all will be agreed as the delicious goey pies are accompanied by only the finest brew!. It will be somewhere new and true!”

A refuge for hop head, brother or sister, from near or far, never sexist.  Ms. White would make all of her potions available after breakfast – at the end of the workweek.  Tis not the tale of a crazed loon, on Friday through Sunday she would open from NOON!   So, to the masses we bellow come one, come all.  Just be sure to stay mellow and not fall.  We know how patient you’ve been and how long you’ve waited, but unfortunately, its illegal to serve the intoxicated!

from ‘Bart’ender